Toothbrush Timer App Reviews

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I've been waiting to find this!!

I have two boys with autism and this is a great visual tool to show them exactly what I mean when brushing their teeth! Other Timers are great but they weren't explaining what really needed to happen. Thanks for making this one.

Life Changer!

Great app to keep try of brushing your teeth, going to the dentist and replacing your tooth brush. Never crashes too! Use it every time I brush my now. Worth every penny!

It's cool but

It froze after the first time using it. It just displays a tongue after I finished brushing and I can't press anything. it must be a glitch. After I exited and relaunched the app it finally returns to the main menu. My mouth feels so clean I never used to brush for longer than 20 seconds wow


It's a fine timer with some perks, but the illustrations are lacking. It MUST have a more realistic and clear representation of the mouth, teeth, gums, and tongue to be effective. I know you're trying to be artsy with the 'watercolor cartoon' look but it's extremely ineffectual and unrelatable, and the 'highlighting' of the areas during the brushing is ABSOLUTELY AWFUL and unclear to a small child. What were you thinking?

Great app but

There should be a way to add timers for tongue brushing, gums, and 30 seconds of mouthwash. That'd take an extra minute. Also auto play music from library. The app is breaking after the end of the timer lately for some reason!!!! All objects on screen go invisible and it's just the background showing!!! Thank you for a great app!

Cool beans

This app really works! I just got done using it and my breath smells GREAT!!! LOVE IT!! ;)

awesome but add timing to scrape tongue

I loved this! It made brushing a lot more fun and I think everyone should have this app on there phones/iPods. It makes the time go by quicker! The only thing I could suggest is adding at least 10-15 seconds to scrape the tongue because that is an important part in keeping fresh,clean breath. Otherwise , great job.


my teeth feel so ... CLEANN OMGG 😂😂💕👌😊😍😍😋 AND I HAVE BRACES

I use it every day.

Thank you to the author. This is one of the few apps I use every day!

This app is awsome

When I use my mouth is all clean and u could feel the clean and remainder .U MUST GET IF U WANT UR TEETH TO BE PERFECT😃


Ok so I am downloading it now and there is like lots of nice comments

Great app!

Every time I use this app my teeth always feel clean, great way to properly clean teeth and give appropriate time to each section, I love it.


Good app

Kool Beanz!!!!!

Awesome app really cool. If you are able to put your name in, I have no idea where you put your name in. Please help!

Clean, Fresh, not mention FUN!

This app is amazing and would recommend it to anyone even us adults! After going to the dentist, I soon realized I needed a better brushing routine. Thus, I found this amazing,fresh app! Get it now for better looking teeth!


all i have to say is FUN and GREAT!!!!!!!!


this app is a miracle before I got this app I used to hate brushing my teeth so they used to be yellow and gross but now that I got this app I have been brushing my teeth and doing my mouth wash with it every morning and night and I love how it tells you how many days and months it's been since your last dentist appointment and the same for your tooth brush.Any haters are downright dumb my teeth have been whiter and I am a 10 year old girl I even ask my mom and she sais yes it is whiter so thank you for this wonderful app 💙💙💙💙💙💙😂😂😊😊😃😃😄😄😍😍

Don't forget...

Under settings you can set the timer up to 4 minutes. Super simple app and it makes me look forward to brushing my teeth. I would say this app is good for all ages despite the fact that older folks might not want to admit it :)

My son is finally brushing 2 min

He loves the gun shot and the visual of what is next. Thank you!!


This app is amazing. I just got done brushing my teeth and I used this app. They already look whiter! Thank you! I have had problems brushing my teeth but this makes it fun.

Works very well

I saw noticeably whiter teeth withing two days. Best app by far!!!😃


I had the worst time getting my kids to brush their teeth properly. This app is great! The do a great job now!

Great Idea !

Considering the prevalence of dental disease and the great cost of neglect, this app can help prevent dental disease and save you money. It includes a toothbrushing timer to guide you through a thorough brushing routine. It reminds you of your last preventive dental examination and the age of your toothbrush. I would suggest including tongue cleaning time in the brushing timer, and a message to FLOSS and reduce the frequency of ingesting ALL carbohydrates.

I love it

I have tried several apps but I love this one the most as I can change how long I want to brush my teeth. I have been looking for this app for a while

coukd be better

ok works good vut the changin the mentak thing lol

Not too bad

This is a very useful, user- friendly app. I'd always wondered how long to brush for each part of the mouth. This makes things so much simpler. I have just a few suggestions: 1. I have braces, so I think having an option for braces would be helpful. It would be nice to have a section of tips for braces, etc. 2. I agree that it's hard to comprehend the diagram and mentally flip it around.

simple, easy

Simple and easy. No need for anything more than an audible cue to move my toothbrush to a new area. I'm brushing more efficiently than ever. No need for fancier graphics. I have far more sophisticated apps, but this simple one is my favorite.

Needs music

Timer is cool but I don't want to be staring at my phone when I brush my teeth. Would be so much better if it played a song from my playlist and changed every 15sec when it's time to brush another section. I like that it keeps track of toothbrush age and dental visits.

maybe add more options

I really like this app but I think there should be a braces setting or something and while it's timing have a little SPIT part every once in a while

Cute idea - can you flip the illustration?

This is a great application - fun for my son, who has autism, to use. Just one thing - can you flip the diagram for left and right? Yes, it is correct from an anatomical standpoint, and an adult would understand that. But for a child who is using it, it should be a mirror image. When it says to brush the right side, for example, the blue highlighted area should be on the right as the child is looking at it, which would be the left side of the anatomical diagram. Would also be great if it could store data for more than one user - our family certainly doesn't replace all of our toothbrushes at exactly the same time. Great idea - with a tweak or two I would absolutely give it 5 stars!

Really is super useful!

I tried of the other brushing apps and non of them really seemed to be very well scyned up. This is super accurate and does the job everytime. I am able to put my phone down and watch the app give clear and percise directions what to do next. Great app! I highly reccomend downloading.

Great app

I like the adjustable timer. This makes sure I'm brushing for the proper amount of time. I like the positive feedback when done brushing. Provides great tips.


I have always wondered how long to brush, where to brush, and let's face it...we ALL like to be praised after a job well done! (a nice applause at the end of your stab at perfecting your dental hygeine is GREAT!) :) Thanks Ryan for a great app! I look forward to more practical, useful and fun apps in the future. Simple: CARE ABOUT YOUR TEETH? GET THIS APP!!!

Finally a useful toothbrushing app!

This is a fantastic app that not only times your brushing but tells you what parts of the mouth you should be brushing. It forces you to spend equal time on all sections to help overcome bad habits. I like that it keeps track of how long you've had you're toothbrush since I always tend to use mine way past their usable life. My teeth feel cleaner already!


A really cool app that aids in proper toothbrushing techniques, complete with timer and graphical representation of where you should be brushing. Toothbrush Timer also allows you keep track of the last time you visited the dentist, as well as got a new tooth brush, which I know I never remember.

Great extra features

I like how it tells you where to brush instead of just how long total, like the other toothbrush apps out there. The best part of this program is the toothbrush age and last appointment tracker. I have always had a hard time remembering how long I've been using my toothbrush and this app will be extremely helpful in that respect. And I don't even remember the last time I visited the dentist, so this app will definitely be useful in that respect also.

Awesome toothbrush timer

This is a great app. I'll use this app a lot for brushing my teeth. I like being able to change the timer length and the graphics are cool.

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